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Shobha Indani has been taking cookery classes for the last 18 years in Pune as well as many other places in India.The institute Shobha Indani's Cookery Classes was independently started 4 years back. Till date, over 2000 students have successfully completed the one month certificate course at the Institute.

Located in the heart of the city, the institute also provides Hostel facility for the students coming from all over India for the one month certificate course. The hostel has a Female Rector and Security Guards 24 hours a day. Along with the Cooking Course, the Institute also offers various other courses which are conducted simultaneously during the one month duration of the course. The various other courses are taught by a replete faculty which comprises of people specializing in their particular field.

Besides, there are special sessions with 5 star chefs who give important tips on Icing and the latest trends in International Cooking. The language of instruction for all the classes is Hindi and all the demonstrations, notes and books are in simple and easy hindi language.

The students can have a live magnified view of the dishes being made on close circuit TV's. For salad decoration and icing, there are small batches with students getting one on one personal attention and getting to do the things practically till they become perfect at it.

The institute organizes a picnic during the one month course so that the students get an entire day to be together At the end of the course the institute has a tradition of a Cultural Evening, where the students get a platform to showcase their talents in the form of individual/group dance, plays, Vocals, etc.
On the last day there is the customary Send off function where the guest of honor distributes the certificates to the students on completion of the one month cooking course. Also there are awards for the best student, best innovative recipe, and best performer at the cultural evening, etc.